Quilts on a Fence

It was a wonderful, but super hot and humid, weekend at the orchard.  Pat Sloan American Patchwork and Quilting radio Kim Lapacek Aug 2014 guestBefore I get to the meat of my post I just wanted to remind you to tune in this afternoon to listen to me chat with Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork and Quilting Radio Show!  You’ll be able to listen in on the fun by going HERE today 3PM EST!

Since I’m a bit exhausted still from the weekend…I’m going to mostly be showing you some pictures on this post.  IMG_2816Since my house is surrounded by approximately 3,000 apple trees one would be correct in guessing that at one time or the other we had a problem with deer in the orchard. That person would not be wrong.  The winter of 2008, the deer discovered our orchard and made it their home.  They caused significant damage to our trees and as a result, we had to put up a deer fence.  I was worried the deer fence would make me feel like I’m living in a complex.  It doesn’t!  Woot!  And – on top of deer damage free apple trees … I have a great way to hang up my quilts for their photo shoots!  The other day, I pulled out most of the quilts I had made since my first spontaneous outdoor quilt show and hung them on the fence for a shoot.  I took the pictures myself this go around … so they’re not quite as impressive as the first show … but you’ll get the picture!


IMG_2814I also had a little fun playing with my fish eye camera lens.IMG_2828This is my favorite picture of the shoot!IMG_2841


Tula Pink, City SamplerIMG_2852

Modern Log CabinIMG_2862

Peeking BloomsIMG_2863

Little BoxesIMG_2865

Dresden NeighborhoodIMG_2877

African ImpromptuIMG_2886

Novitiate Nebula2014-08-10a1

My Favorite Block Sampler2014-08-10a

Once Upon A Time


I hope to continue my outdoor quilt show tradition next year.  It’s fun to actually put all the quilts up there and see just how much I managed to finish!


  1. What a beautiful and varied collection of quilts you have!

  2. How fun! I want a deer fence now rather than our boring privacy fence. Then I'll have a cool thing to hang my quilts on. ;-)


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